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Lifelong Learning Scholarship Request

CABI is happy to help you on your Jewish journey 


Please complete the following application for scholarship. We do the best we can to provide financial assistance in the form of scholarships but we may not always be able to fulfill your request.


COPY AND PASTE your completed form into an email and send it to Beth Harbison, Director of Lifelong Learning, at


Today’s Date

Your Name and phone

Is this scholarship for you or a family member? Please provide their names, if applicable. Teens are requested to submit this form on their own in consultation with their families.

Class/Event/Camp name

Please include a link here if the class is virtual

Dates of class /camp/or event

Tuition or registration amount

Estimated Travel expenses, if applicable

How much are you able to contribute to the total cost of tuition?

How much are you able to contribute to  travel costs, if applicable?

Total scholarship amount you are requesting from CABI

In exchange for scholarship, we may ask that you share your newly acquired knowledge with the congregation or volunteer your time and/or skills.  Are you willing to do this? 

Anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you for completing this. Someone will get back to you soon. 

*If you are attending Camp Kalsman, please note that they also have scholarship money available. Additionally, One Happy Camper offers need-blind grants of up to $1,000.

Tue, February 20 2024 11 Adar I 5784