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CABI and Project Zug: How Does It Work

You choose your classes and create your own chavrutah, or let CABI help you find study partners. Then study on your own time from the comfort of your own home!

Courses are either four, five, or ten sessions in length.  Each course offers four videos led by a Jewish scholar and each learning session provides study sheets with questions designed to be discussed in 30-45 minutes.  Study can be done online, through video chat, or in person at your leisure. Courses can be completed anytime through December of 2020. 

Four-session courses:
Shabbat Rituals; The Wisdom of Shabbat: A Modern Israeli Perspective; Building Jewish Pluralism; Ancient Jewish Stories Reimagined; Intro to Jewish Social Justice; The Balancing Act: Being a Jewish Parent*; Tzedakah: The Jewish Approach to Giving (5 sessions)

Ten-Session Courses:
Secular Jewish Culture; How Do We Increase Peace in the World: Learning with Sephardi Sages; Intro to the Jewish Bookshelf; Am I Responsible: An Exploration of Jewish and Human Responsibility; Theology of Psalms: Praying Biblical Poetry; I Can't Believe It: What God, Prophecy, and Free Will Meant in the Past and What They Can Mean to Us; Judaism: Identity, Pluralism, and Peoplehood; A Food Tour of the Talmud; Weep, Pray, Love: Rachel in the Bible and Beyond; Mindfulness and Judaism*; Midrash Masterclass; Get Thee Out of Thy country: Stillness and Movement in Jewish History; Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and the Roots of Activism; The Prayerbook: New Interpretive Methods; Rumors of Revelation: Reflections on the Torah and Its Ability to Unite and Divide Jews; Life Cycle Ceremonies

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Contact Beth at with questions or for more information.
*Chevruta are begun forming for these classes but have not yet begun. Email Beth if you'd like to be in one of these study groups

Sat, October 31 2020 13 Cheshvan 5781