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CABI Operating Guidelines (April 11, 2022)


The CABI Board of Trustees has adopted a new policy regarding the health and safety of our community. We returned to in-person activities on March 16. As of April 11 the requirements for in-person attendance have changed:

-Masks are optional; proof of vaccination is not required.
- A mask only area will be available in the sanctuary for those who wish an extra level of precaution, you must be masked to sit in this area. 
- If you have a cough or cold, or flu or COVID symptoms, please refrain from in-person activities at CABI until you are well.

We are eager to see our CABI family in person again and encourage you to join us!  However, for those who want to view remotely, streaming of Shabbat services on our YouTube channel will continue for the time being.

Anyone with possible COVID symptoms should not attend on-site activities, even if masked.

The CABI Board of Trustees, in close consultation with CABI's COVID Advisory Committee and staff, have adopted reopening policies for on-site activities on the CABI campus.  We will update policies and practices in a manner that balances the most recent data and guidance with the values of Kedushah – sanctity, Mishpachah – family, and Pikuach Nefesh – the preservation of life.  

We hope to see you at Shabbat services and other events, whether it is on screen or in person.
As needed, this policy will be modified by the Board of Trustees.

Thu, July 7 2022 8 Tammuz 5782