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This High Holy Days season, CABI and the teen group have been focused on giving back to our community. We have raised $722 for Idaho Food Bank so far through our online fund drive, and nearly $750 for hurricane relief efforts by selling local honey at Boise High and the synagogue. Thank you to everyone who has donated or bought honey so far! Honey sales are over, but you can still donate to the Idaho Food Bank at Help us reach our goal of raising $2,000 before October 16th!

Who's Who in CABIT - Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel Teens

President: Carly Hanna
VP Programming - Izzy Lusby
VP Religion and Culture - Rachael Kaufman
VP Social Action - Alex Swerdloff
VP Membership - Mira Torf
VP Communication - Rachael Metzgar
VP Finance - Steven Wiene
Teen Advisor - Beth Harbison

This page is maintained by CABIT Vice President of Communications, Rachael Metzgar.  You can email her with questions at

You may also contact the Teen Adviser, Beth Harbison at 

 A word from the Teen Adviser

Hello teens and families! If you haven't enrolled yet, nows the time so you don't miss anything.  7th -  through 12th graders are all welcome. First session will be Wednesday, October 4 at 5:45.  Join us for our Sukkot celebration.  

Here's hoping to see you soon,

Shana tova!


What is CABIT?

CABIT stands for CABI Teens, and we are the oldest age group in the synagogue's religious school. Although we associate ourselves with CABI, we manage our own membership and have separate events from those of the synagogue’s. However, we do receive funding from the synagogue for which we are extremely grateful. We try to express that gratitude through assisting CABI in any way we can.

5777/5778 (2017-2018) Board

CABIT will meet Wednesday nights 5:45 -7:30 pm. Our Wednesday night program will include an hour of service to the community through our hadracha (leadership) program. During this block of time, madrichim (the teens who participate in the program) will be engaged in meaningful and metored work including assisting with teaching, working the coffee bar, shelving books, photographing goings on on at school, creating and maintaining bulletin boards, etc. All teens who are registered in CABIT will play a role in the hadracha program. In the next hour block, we will have teen and rabbi-led Jewish education as well as time to socialize with our friends. 

CABIT welcomes anyone from grades 7-12. The teen gorup prides itself on being very receptive and welcoming of anyone who wishes to join; this isn’t like school where the senior classes might mistreat their "underlings." At CABIT, everyone is friends and there are no such things as cliques or friend groups.


If you’re interested in joining, or even just coming to one Wednesday night, contact our teen adviser, Beth Harbison, at

Events 5777

If you are interested in attending any of these events, or have any questions, please contact CABIT President Carly Hanna at or (208) 906-5743, or Vice President of Communications Rachael Metzgar at or (208) 789-4422.

Service Events:

There are no local service events being programmed for now.

Local Social Events:

There are no local social events being programmed for now. Stay tuned though, as there will be a post in this section within the next couple weeks!

What is NFTY?

NFTY is a movement that brings together Jewish youth from around the country uniting them by region. NFTY participants meet periodically throughout the year at regional events where they do and learn Jewish and make friends life-long friends. NFTYites build strong bonds with everyone at those events who become a second family. NFTY-NW is made up of teens from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and parts of Canada. My first event, Spring Kallah 2017 was terrifying. I only knew kids from CABIT, which happened to be a mere 12 kids out of the almost 200 there. It took me awhile, but I eventually found a friend from Camp Kalsman who introduced me to some other people. Now, I talk to those people whom I met at least once a week, and we're all super excited to see each other at LTI and Fall Kallah. The people I've met through NFTY have become some of my best friends. NFTY is not just a huge youth group; it's a place to find your Jewish identity and new friends from around the region.

To learn more about NFTY, visit

Regional Social Events

NFTY-NW Leadership Training Instiute - September 15th - September 17th

Age Restrictions: 9th- 12th Grade

Location: URJ Camp Kalsman, Arlington, WA

Description: LTI is the first official NFTY-NW event of the year. At the event, leaders from each Temple Youth Group around the region attend to learn about their respective board positions and how to do them well. Local leaders are taught by their Regional counterparts, who usually hold the same position as they do, but for the entire region.

NFTY-NW Fall Kallah - November 17th - 19th

Age Restrictions: 9th- 12th Grade

Location: Camp Casey, Coupeville, WA

Description: Although NFTY-NW LTI is the first event of the year, Fall Kallah is the first major event of the year. At this event, the newly elected regional board introduces themselves to the bulk membership of the region.

The Union for Reform Judaism's (URJ) Biennial Convention - December 6th - 10th

Age Restrictions: 10th Grade and older

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Description: If you would like to learn more about this event, contact Beth Harbison at or (828) 455-0079 or Zane Harbison at or (208) 258-4466.

For more information or to register one can also go to

NFTY West Coast Party - January 12th - 15th

Age Restrictions: 9th - 12th Grade

Location: URJ Camp Newman, Santa Rosa, CA 

Description: One of NFTY North American's largest events of the year in which teens from all around the country meet to experience new and different kinds of people they wouldn't ordinarily see at a regional event. This is a very large event, so I would not recommend it for people who have little experience with NFTY. However, for those that are more experienced or interested in going, it's an extremely fun experience with a different format from regional events - as the name indicates, it's basically one huge party with less educational programming and more socializing.

NFTY-NW Winter Social Action Kallah - Febuary 2nd - 4th

Age Restrictions: 9th - 12th Grade

Location: Bellingham, WA

Description: NFTY-NW's only regional event of the year dedicated entirely to assisting the northwest community. At this event, participants go out into the community on a sort of "field trip" to volunteer. I know what you're thinking - "social action? That sounds suuuuuuuuper boring." However, coming from someone who doesn't particularly like social action or volunteering, this event is incredibly fun and a great opportunity to branch out. In addition, it is a great chance to earn volunteer hours for organizations such as National Honor Society.

NFTY-NW Spring Kallah - 

Age Restrictions: 8th-12th Grade

Location: URJ Camp Kalsman, Arlington, WA

Description: NFTY-NW’s last event of the year, which welcomes in the new Freshman class of the coming school year, while saying goodbye to this year’s Senior class as they leave for college. If you’re in 8th grade, this would technically be the first event you’re allowed to go to. However, since CABIT is a small TYG, we permit 8th graders to come to earlier NFTY events; LTI, Fall, and Winter Kallah.

Tue, October 17 2017 27 Tishrei 5778