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Our Mission

The CABI Jewish Community School's educational mission boils down to one simple idea:

We want our kids to want to be Jewish.

Our Vision 

Judaism transcends space and time

CABI students will be able to go anywhere in the Jewish world and feel confident and at home in any Jewish community.  Religious school exposes students to the rich diversity of Jewish cultures and approaches to our faith and people as well as grounding them in the tenets and practices that are and have been common to all Jews, everywhere.   


L’dor v’dor – From Generation to Generation

Every Jewish family has a host of beliefs, knowledge, customs, and stories about what it means to be a Jew.  We aspire to help families pass these on to our children.  


Being and “doing” Jewish is interesting, engaging, enjoyable, and even fun.

Our curriculum is designed to engage and immerse our youth and their families in the multi-faceted aspects of living Jewish lives and in being part of the Jewish community.

(CABI teens) 

Check out our CABIT page for more information on our teen group and NFTY activities.   

Need to Practice for B'nai Mitzvah?

Here are some recordings that may be helpful!


Follow this link to volunteer at CABI's Religious School!

We are requesting that everyone volunteer if you have children enrolled in CABI Religious School.  Volunteer a little or a lot - there's something for everyone.  We need you! 

Tue, July 7 2020 15 Tammuz 5780