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Cabi Cafe is open again! Come schmooze with other parents and adults while your kids are in class.  All proceeds go to benefit the teens (CABITeens) who run the cafe. 


Thanks to all of you who remember this important mitzvah.  Help teach our children the importance of giving.  Tzedaka boxes are in every classroom


Parents of Teens 

Check out our CABIT page for more information on our teen group and NFTY activities.   

A note from the Director of Education

Dear friends,

CABI Religious School - Mission and Goal

CABI’s Religious School’s educational goal boils down to one simple idea: we want our kids to want to be Jewish.  Every Jewish family has a host of beliefs, knowledge, customs, and stories about what it means to be a Jew and we want to pass these on to our children. At CABI, our religious school mission is to help families accomplish this.

We also want our youth to want to attend religious “school.”  Secular academic days are already demanding and long. Therefore, we are committed to offering content in a variety of interactive, hands-on lessons and experiences designed to be interesting, enjoyable, and a challenge for each age and grade level. 

Being and doing Jewish

We believe that being and “doing” Jewish is interesting, engaging, enjoyable, and yes, even fun.  Jewish Journeys, our name for CABI’s religious school curriculum, is designed to engage and immerse our youth, grades pre-kindergarten through teens, and their families, in the multi-faceted aspects of being and doing Jewish.


Community – kehillah – is central to CABI life and to Judaism.  As part of our Jewish Journeys, we offer weekly Wednesday night dinners, monthly family-friendly Shabbat services, holiday and special event celebrations, and communal service projects (Friendship Feast) for the entire family. We rely on families to attend services and events as well as volunteer to help plan, coordinate, and facilitate these opportunities for Jewish learning and engagement.  When students enroll in religious school, families are asked to sign up for the KO, Kehillah Organization, CABI’s parent/family/teacher group.  It is our sincere hope that every family will sign up to volunteer for something.  Be involved a little or a lot; there is a place for everyone in our CABI family.

If you've got time, read on for more information about each of our classes.  And don't hesitate to let me know if you have questions.  

Welcome to the CABI Family!

Beth Harbison

Director of Education



*All grades - Pre-K through Teens - meet Wednesdays, 5:45 - 7:30 pm.  B'nai Mitzvah will also attend Shabbat morning trope classes 9:00 - 10:00 am, prior to services. 

Pre-K and Kindergarten (Gan)

Our early elementary program is designed to be a child’s first religious school experience. We provide a warm and loving atmosphere where children are introduced to Jewish holidays, history, culture, and Torah through music and song, story, dance, arts and crafts, and games. If you are interested in enrolling your child, and have not attended CABI's religious school, please contact Director of Education, Beth Harbison at


1st through 6th grade and Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Beginning in fall 2017, we are experimenting with a block schedule. Wednesdays, first period (5:45 - 6:30 pm), classes will rotate through a series of three, 10-week courses of study.  Courses this year will be: Cooking and Cuisine across the Jewish World; Talmud and Torah through Story;  and Israeli Cultural Geography: flora, fauna, peoples and cultures of Israel. Courses may change year to year to encourage innovation and timeliness as well as to capitalize on the strengths of our teachers. Classes will be interactive focusing on "doing" Jewish.  Future courses may include Jewish History,  Hits, Pips, and Doubles: How to Play Backgammon, Israeli Film and Literature,, Jews in Sports, etc.

Second period (6:45 - 7:30 pm), students will study Hebrew with their grade/age-mates.  Hebrew is prayer-based and students should be able to decode Hebrew with relative fluencyand recite most Shabbat morning prayers before their bar/bat mitzvah.  Emphasis is on reading and singing prayers from the Reform tradition.  This is not modern Hebrew although some of our teachers speak modern Hebrew and may introduce words and phrases.    


Bat/Bar Mitzvah

Hebrew for b'nai mitzvah students is designed to prepare students to read Torah Hebrew with confidence, co-lead Shabbat morning prayers, and deliver a d’var (speech). Trope classes, the musical notation system needed to leyn (chant), Torah,  will be taught by the Rabbi on Saturday mornings at 9:00 am, prior to Shabbat services which begin at 10:00 am. Bar/Bat Mitzvah students are required to attend a minimum of 8 Shabbat morning services during the year leading up to their bar/bat mitzvah. Depending on each student’s interest and abilities, additional outside tutoring is usually necessary to develop the confidence to successfully complete the bar/bat mitzvah service. CABI has a list of recommended tutors which we are happy to provide if you'll call or email the Director of Eduction (  Additionally, monthly whole-class family meetings with the Rabbi as well as an individual or group service project are required.  Beginning in the fall of 2017 (5778), students will have the option of participating in a student-directed, adult advised, group service project (the BP: B’nai Mitzvah Project) where students will learn the fundamentals of philanthropy and collectively administer micro-grants to applicants.


Teens (7th – 12th grades)

Teens work as madrichim - guides and assistants to the school and classroom 5:45 - 6:30 pm. Madrichim are engaged in meaningful, mentored work half of each evening followed by their own educational and social time the second part of the evening (6:30 -7:30 pm).  Rabbi Dan and Beth Harbison (Teen Advisor/Director of Ed) will teach once a month; other evenings will be facilitated by guest speakers or will be student led. We also have a very active branch of the URJ’s youth organization, NFTY (“nifty”). More information about NFTY and CABIT, our teen group, can be found here.


*No one is turned away from any CABI program or event for inability to pay in full. Scholarships are available.  Contact: Beth Harbison at



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Need to Practice for B'nai Mitzvah?

Here are some recordings that may be helpful!


Follow this link to volunteer at CABI's Religious School!

We are requesting that everyone volunteer if you have children enrolled in CABI Religious School.  Volunteer a little or a lot - there's something for everyone.  We need you! 

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