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COMING SOON - Registration for 2021 - 2022 (5782) Jewish Community School (JCS).  We will be meeting in person again!

-------------------------------------- THIS SECTION WILL BE UPDATED IN JUNE 2021 ------------------)

Click HERE to register for our VIRTUAL JCS 2020-2021
Until we are able to meet in person, we have developed an engaging and flexible curriculum that families can work on together from home. For more detailed information, read on...


Questions? Email Director of Lifelong Learning and the Jewish Community School, Beth Harbison, at

UPDATES FOR 2020-2021 - 5781

Am Israel - the Jewish people - have maintained our faith and traditions, in particular our focus on educating our children, throughout our long and often challenging history. CABI's Jewish Community School wants to help families continue this tradition with a new, flexible and affordable structure for this 2020-2021 academic year

Structure and content
We have created a series of 5 family learning modules with bonus materials for High Holy Days. Each module is 5-6 weeks in length. The content focus this year is Torah: Torah stories, midrash, and folktales studied through the lens of middot, Jewish virtues and values.  Each module contains books, crafts, Judaica, and discussion prompts for every age and grade level, including adults.  

We understand that finances are tight for many of us right now and we are offering a significant tuition reduction for the 2020-2021 school year. Tuition will be $600 per family for the entire year, with an additional $100 per child up to $800 maximum for the yearB'nai mitzvah pricing is $700 per child. 

Virtual Classes and Pacing
Each module is designed to be self-paced with weekly teacher-led Zoom classes that support and expand the curriculum. Gan-6th grades will receive Hebrew through Movement every class, a new and permanent addition to our standard curriculum. Of course, a portion of each class will be devoted to our kehillah, our community, to help us build and maintain relationships with our Jewish friends.

B'nai mitzvot and CABITeens will have modified versions of this virtual curriculum. More information on these programs will be sent to each group in the next couple of weeks, by mid-September, 2020. 

Teachers have been working incredibly hard all summer planning and crafting this curriculum, purchasing engaging hands-on books and activities, attending conferences and taking classes to be the best online teachers they can be. If you are able to pay more for tuition, sponsor a family, or increase your CABI pledge, we welcome this mitzvah to help cover our costs.

Important Dates
The first learning module will be available for touchless pickup from the CABI drive through Thursday and Friday, September 10 -11.  Classes will begin Wednesday, September 16th, 2020. Rosh HaShana begins Friday, September 18.

Please be sure to register in time to pick up unit one materials.

Our Mission

The CABI Jewish Community School's educational mission boils down to one simple idea:

We want our kids to want to be Jewish.

Our Vision 

Judaism transcends space and time

CABI students will be able to go anywhere in the Jewish world and feel confident and at home in any Jewish community.  Religious school exposes students to the rich diversity of Jewish cultures and approaches to our faith and people as well as grounding them in the tenets and practices that are and have been common to all Jews, everywhere.   


L’dor v’dor – From Generation to Generation

Every Jewish family has a host of beliefs, knowledge, customs, and stories about what it means to be a Jew.  We aspire to help families pass these on to our children.  


Being and “doing” Jewish is interesting, engaging, enjoyable, and even fun.

Our curriculum is designed to engage and immerse our youth and their families in the multi-faceted aspects of living Jewish lives and in being part of the Jewish community.


CABITs (CABI teens) 

Check out our CABIT page for more information on our teen group and NFTY activities.   

Need to Practice for B'nai Mitzvah?

Siddur Audio is a free, online source that can help with all your prayer needs. 

Here are some recordings by CABI musicians that may be helpful, as well. 

Tue, June 15 2021 5 Tammuz 5781